Jackson County Habitat for Humanity

Jackson County Habitat for Humanity is a West Virginia affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International – an organization which is dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing worldwide.

Habitat for Humanity partners with local, low-income families to build houses to become their new homes.  Each partner family participates in planning, fundraising, and building phases as part of their “sweat equity” requirement.  In return, the families earn a home of their own with a no-interest mortgage.  It is important to remember that this program is a hand up, not a hand-out.  

Jackson County Habitat is governed by a Board of Directors which meets on the first Tuesday of every month.


BOD pic
Back: Rev. Mark Gerstell, Penny Thaxton, Barbara Shannon, Blue August, Lyn McCauley, Larry Sturm,
Front: Wes Harvey, Brenda Greene, Shali Hickman, Jane Moore
Not pictured: Emily Okes, Jared Burdette, Rev. Frank Cunningham

2 thoughts on “Jackson County Habitat for Humanity

  1. I own my home on Thomas Ridge Road in Leon WV. I’ve lived here since 1993. I have 2 kids, boys ages 8 and 13. My house is falling down an I am disabled and het disability. I will be 47 in October. I don’t have money to replace anything here and even if I did, it wouldn’t be worth it. I need a place for my children and I to live that is safe. I don’t care if its a trailer. Please help us. You are my only option


    • Melanie,
      If you are hoping to work with us on a new build, please fill out the initial application brochure. You can send it via email or snail mail.

      If you are hoping for help in fixing your current home, please send us an email. Our Board is currently considering whether we are able to do rehabs on houses. We will respond to your email as soon as the topic is discussed at our next meeting.


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